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Peg Evans, MS, RYT



Blue Wave Relaxation, Inc. provides mindfulness based stress management programs for business, healthcare and others seeking balance in their fast-paced lives.   


Some people are naturally stress hardy while others crumble under the weight of stress.  What makes the difference? Stress hardy people have an added advantage - they know how to cope. Fortunately, successful coping skills can be learned.


Blue Wave Relaxation, Inc. excels in teaching effective stress coping skills as well as peak performance techniques geared for athletes, artists and public speakers. The stress reduction process is similar whether you want to calm down for your personal health, manage a stressful worksite, or prepare for performance. It involves reducing tension and learning to sharply focus energy towards your desired goal. 


Blue Wave Relaxation, Inc. has served people in critical care, law enforcement, business and the performing arts for over 20 years. Let us show you how you can prepare for a tough situation, sail through it at a peak performance level and ultimately restore a state of calm.